Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Holey Donuts (yuck) and Vitatops (YUM!)

My wonderful husband knew I had been wanting to try Holey Donuts so he ordered 3 boxes of different assortments as an anniversary treat! He's such a sweetie! It's important to note that I do not blame him at all for the bland, raw-dough flavored donuts that arrived. When they arrived, the filled varieties were slightly better than the unfilled simply because they have SOME moistness from the filling but for the most part they all have the same bland, white bread flavor and dry, stale texture! Holey Donuts states that their products will remain fresh in your freezer for up to 2 months. After only one month the donuts were basically completely stale, inedible whether you microwaved them or let them sit for a few minutes on the counter. (Both methods that the company gives you for preparing them.) They have a raw, doughy taste and are so dry and tough, I couldn't believe it! I had read such good reviews but I suppose most of those reviews were on blogs that were given donuts to test out and give away as a promotion.
I was really dissatisfied and disappointed with these. I can't understand why people think they are so great tasting. To me they taste like stale, dry wonder bread with the slightest smear of frosting. I emailed them, letting them know that they were not even close to being worth the price they charge and did not stay fresh as long as they stated.

Their response was a very polite email stating that they do not offer money back guarantees on quality or personal experience. They only refund money if the shipment is destroyed during delivery.

I give Holey Donuts a BIG thumbs down. They look pretty but taste like stale bread.

Vitatops on the other hand are awesome!! I purchased the Gift of Health basket which contains a sampler of 20 Vitatops. Just like Holey Donuts, you store these in your freezer.
But unlike Holey Donuts, they stay fresh because they are individually wrapped and they are ALL delicious! My favorites are Fudgy Peanut Butter Chip, Golden Corn and BlueBran. Each Vitatop has only 100 calories, a good amount of fiber and protein and contain no artificial additives or preservatives! To eat, simply pop it in the microwave for 20-30 seconds still in the plastic wrapper. That's the secret to keeping them moist! You can order Vitatops online but I've also seen them at Supermarkets like Meijer and Kroger.

I give Vitatops a BIG thumbs up! For a low calorie, sweet treat, choose Vitatops, NOT Holey Donuts. They regularly have discounts and shipping promotions, too! The most recent offer is 5% OFF your next online purchase when you enter coupon code: EWCQ3TQYQ.


bodyhacker said...

We love Vitatops too! My husband and I are on a low calorie diet so they are perfect for a little treat. :-)

Not sure if you ever tried Diet Cookies by Golden Star Bakery, Inc. They have fantastic low calorie cookies and brownies that have a pretty good shelf life if you keep in the freezer. Although they didn't last too long in our freezer because they are really yummy! :-) Only problem is that you can only order online (they are shipped from New York).

Here's their site below in case you are interested. Enjoy!


Jenna Z said...

Awesome, that is a new band to me! I will add it to me to-try list. I think the next candidate will be Simply Scrumtious Fit & Flavorful items:

N.D. said...

I had been wanting to try these - now I don't anymore. Thanks for the headsup!