Friday, February 19, 2010

EA Sports Active for the Wii

EA Sports Active is the BEST workout you can get from a Wii. And you can quote me on that! But you get out of it only what you're willing to put in. You can cheat on the exercises, especially the sports drills. But DON'T and you'll be rewarded! I have seen improvement in my shoulder strength (I can now Chaturanga at yoga class on my toes instead of dropping to my knees during all the flows!), my legs (especially glutes and inner thighs) are stronger and my balance has improved.

I had been doing the workouts for a few months before I officially started my 30-Day challenge. And I used the game as a mini workout after I injured my ankle, I could do the arm exercises and then once my ankle was feeling a little better I did a little more. The balance exercises really helped improve my flexibility and balance on my bad ankle!

Not a bad workout! Some days are more cardio heavy than others so you burn more calories but some days are tough on your arms or legs so you WILL feel it somewhere!

Good mix of upper and lower body moves and the game shakes it up and mixes them up for you so you don't have to think about what moves to do each day.

Motivation through trophies and different levels of sports drills. I am WAY motivated by rewards! And the trophies kept me going. But you'll see that they are also a con.

You can dress your person up on neat outfits! This helped me stay interested in the game during a dull streak when I didn't really want to do anymore side to side lunges or run yet another boring lap in place in my living room. Here I'm wearing a cute little pink jogging outfit, sunglasses and I changed my hair to one ponytail instead of pigtails.

Because the Wiimote and the Nunchuck differ, occasionally the exercises are uneven (lunges on the left are held longer than lunges on the right, it takes longer for the Wii to register that you have finished a left shoulder press than a right shoulder press) This was super-annoying to me!

The resistance band that comes with the game is a JOKE, hardly enough resistance for even over the head presses. Easy to remedy though-buy a new one!

No abdominal exercises. The standing work they have you do is minimal but while it didn't help my abs, it did improve my balance after my ankle injury!

At the end of the 30-Day challenge there was no fanfare! No fireworks or a jaunty little tune to reward me! There was only a video of Bob Greene telling me to do it all over again. Thanks.
And here's the trophy I got, not exactly very exciting for what I thought was a pretty good level of commitment.

Conclusion: Totally worth it as long as you provide your own resistance band and aren't too bummed out that there is no HUGE party when you earn that 30-Day challenge trophy. I am ready to move on to EA Sports Active More Workouts, the second game in the series!